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A Partnership as Opposed to a Supplier

19 Jun 12:00 by Carl Bagshaw


When you are considering external services, you may look far and wide to find a company that is unlike any other. However, if the market is saturated in business’ selling you various services, how do you determine who will benefit your company the most?

There is a fine line between a partner and a supplier. A supplier is someone who provides a service or product, whereas a partnership is driven by a mutual and professional relationship. This is based upon a shared view of transparency, honesty and being beneficial to both parties involved. For example, if an IT Solutions business, like Ricoh for example (a long-standing client) decides to partner with ECS, they will have a dedicated point of contact with us. The strength of these relationships is demonstrated through our Senior Account Manager David Stephens and his award from Ricoh this year, for being Partner Account Manager of the year. His dedication and commitment to account management are echoed in ECS’s core values – consistency, innovation, integrity, knowledge and transparency.

Although, how do you know if you and external provider are on the same page? As most partnerships start off as transactional relationships, choosing the right one for you is important. Distinguishing who will help create tangible results is the first step, but in the long term, it’s the suppliers who continually exceed your expectations that you’ll develop connections with.

Additionally, choosing a company with the right knowledge and experience from the start can build strong foundations, developing mutual trust and integrity. Also, checking if your goals are in line from the beginning will guarantee growth and progression for both parties involved. Due to ECS’ many years of experience and a proactive approach to pre and post-sales support, project management and of course IT resourcing, this guarantees we consistently deliver for our clients. We’ve now turned this expertise into a simple-to-use framework, which will help your sales staff to identify, secure then satisfy niche skills for their customers. In the 18/19 financial year alone we have exceeded our multi-million-pound revenue stream target for Ricoh, a fantastic result!

Furthermore, there are many advantages to partnering with a company who can help you on your journey to success. Firstly, this gives you an advantage against competitors. Having a partner means you have access to industry professionals. They are specialists in knowing what your company needs and wants. Having them on your side can increase your work processes and even cut costs in your business. Also, an external partner expands your capability and offering to your customers. Through this, you could perfect your brand and even deliver new services to your customers. It's a two-way street and needs continual nurturing to ensure both companies are profiting.

At ECS Resource Group, we create real results. If you’d like to find out how ECS add value to your company, get in touch with us on 01676 545 100.