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Delivering more than accredited resource

If there’s one very lucrative revenue stream that isn’t maximised by many solutions companies it’s the provision of consultants with niche skills to their customers. There are many reasons for this; delivering unknown resource to a customer is highly risky, you don’t have the capability to provide such a niche skill or you don’t have the market knowledge to bid for such work.

Offering a 6 stage process designed to mitigate risk, unlock revenue streams and expand capability; ECS Consulting© delivers tangible results through education, support and risk reduction.

What is ECS Consulting©?

A cornerstone belief of the ECS Resource Group is to provide additional value to our clients whenever we can. One way we do this with the solutions companies we partner has been to work with their front-line sales people, helping them build stronger revenue streams within their existing portfolio.

Our proven expertise in identifying and satisfying requirements for hard-to-find niche skills in our client community was easily transferred with almost immediate results. We’ve now turned this expertise into a simple-to-use framework, which will allow your sales staff to identify, secure then satisfy niche skills for their customers.


"The relationship between Ricoh and ECS in the last 12 months has really blossommed and we at Ricoh have seen what a valued and strategic relationship can look like with a resourcing partner who really knows their stuff, took time to know us and now work side by side with our SME and sales teams. We are seeing significant growth in business because of it, so long may it last." GREG BAILEY ITS ALLIANCE AND STRATEGIC PARTNER DIRECTOR