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Niche contracting taken seriously

A safe and effective way to recruit contractors or interim consultants for those hard-to-find niche requirements, or specific projects, without all the usual fuss and distraction. Our purpose built Skills Benches offer you a reliable and cost effective solution without the risk of compromising quality.

What do ECS Skills Benches do?​

ECS Skills Benches has two main purposes​

1. To build new teams of professionals with knowledge of niche skills or emerging technologies, in order to deliver a specific project for a client.

Our proactive approach ensures access to the best available experts to meet your niche-skill requirements.

2. To continuously feed our Accredited© system with new talented and trusted resource.

Visit ‘ECS Accredited’ for more information to see how our Accredited© resource is the perfect extension for your IT Services and Solutions company. 


“Having successfully delivered last year into one of our top Enterprise customers, against a spec that was regarded as “an impossible find” ECS have continued to go from strength to strength, proving themselves to be a valued partner with a solid understanding of our own and our customers’ needs.” JOANNE PARKER RRS BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER