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How to Drive Clear, Effective Communication

13th June 2023

Do you fall foul of clearly communicating with your team?

We've recently read this brilliant article by Beth Fitzgerald on Forbes. She talks about the importance of clear and effective communication and dives into the dangers of using buzzwords and jargon in the workplace.

Working with IT, engineering and telecoms, it's easy to get swept up in industry heavy jargon. We'll be the first to admit that we've used complex language, acronyms and jargon without a second thought, which is perhaps why this article struck a cord.

We found Fitzgerald's article to be very insightful, and agree with her that clear and effective communication is essential for success in the workplace. We think her tips are very helpful, so we're going to use them in our own communication going forward.

Here are a few of Fitzgerald's tips that we found particularly helpful:

  • Know your audience
  • Go on a vocabulary detox
  • Eliminate buzzwords in written comms
  • Be concise and simplify what you're saying

Read the article here.