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Increasing Revenue Through RaaS

Designed for Value Added Resellers, MSPs and System Integrators to unlock untapped potential within your customer base through ECS Resource Group’s Resource-as-a-Service. We help you Identify, Bid and Win IT resource opportunities, whilst having access to a specialised sales support and technical recruitment team, whenever you need it.

Our Accredited© Contractors are the perfect extension for any team looking to increase capacity for project demands or satisfy a niche, short-term customer requirement.

IT, Telecoms and Engineering Resourcing flexibility delivered by ECS Accredited© Contractors.

RaaS with ECS Resource Group

Our RaaS is a proven framework that helps identify new revenue streams from existing end users, builds stronger client relationships and connects you with a network of highly qualified individuals with niche IT skills. We’re so confident in our RaaS framework, that there’s no upfront payment - you only pay when we have successfully placed an IT contractor within one of your customers.

Once you win the contract, we have the network and expertise to supply people with niche IT skills who are critical to fulfilling the project. We manage talent and oversee delivery to ensure continuity. We then position you to generate even more revenue by leveraging our contractor team to discover further opportunities on the ground.

The benefits of RaaS

  • Increased Revenue – We increase your revenue through our simple formulae: Proactive partnership + reduced risk + committed delivery + better service + happy customers + more opportunities = more revenue.
  • Added Protection – One way your competitors will seek to secure a foothold in your customers is to seize upon a need that you’re not already satisfying and conquer it. Having the capability to provide niche skills is an excellent way to do this; by satisfying the need yourself you effectively close down this potential entry point.
  • Risk Mitigation – Utilising the standard reactive solutions delivered by traditional recruitment companies is a highly risky business, especially when you are supplying niche skill sets. The RaaS framework ensures there are no surprises. Risk is reduced and customers receive what’s been promised.
  • Increased Service Levels – Your customers expect the highest levels of service and why shouldn’t they? Engaging with us gives you automatic access to our ECS Accredited© contractors...
  • ECS Accredited© contractors - Get access to a large database of highly skilled and trusted contractors developed specifically to ensure you and your customer get the very best service levels delivered by known and trusted professionals.
  • Commitment – We have worked for many years in your industry and fully appreciate the commitment you make to your customers. Our commitment to delivering your promises and keeping you informed at all times is a responsibility we take seriously.

Our Resource-as-a-Service Framework

Our RaaS framework is a talent generation framework that goes far beyond filling roles. Designed for Value Added Resellers, MSPs and System Integrators, we collaborate closely with your sales and accounts teams to help you find and bid for new revenue generation opportunities from existing end-users.


Data analysis to support Account Management and New Business.


Library of content to support the Sales process, including but not limited to case studies, example CV’s and marketing collateral

3.Bid Support

Unlimited support for your sales team to ensure opportunities are profitable and deliverable.


Delivery by trusted Accredited© professionals

5.Continuous Management

Ongoing support for onsite resource to mitigate risk.


Maximise additional opportunities through onsite relationships.

7.Final Overview

Case Studies

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At a time when more and more companies are focusing on brand, reputation, staff welfare and retention we believe that forward-thinking, innovative, brand-conscious companies deserve a talent solution that goes beyond helping you fill a single role.

Simon Johnston - Head of Expert Services at Fujitsu

In my role at Fujitsu, I'm responsible for hiring third party resources when the company either doesn't have people available or is a skill that we don't carry in our service lines. I've been working with ECS Resource Group as a dependable partner for many years. When I give them a role to work on, I have high confidence that I will get profiles quickly and of a high quality. The ratio of CVs to hire is very impressive. This saves me time and expense in the interview stage. I appreciate the wide range of roles they can hire for.

ECS are a trusted partner and have been invaluable to me when I've required market information and content to support bids and new projects. I would recommend them as a key contract recruitment partner.

Lee Hatt - Sales Director & Sales Graduate / Future Talent Team Leader at Fujitsu

I have worked with Carl and ECS for the last couple of years now. During that time, he took the time to understand our business, its process and how we support our clients. He was then able to manage us in a very professional and timely manner.I have worked with Carl for the last couple of years now. During that time, he took the time to understand our business, its process and how we support our clients. He was then able to manage us in a very professional and timely manner.

Alissa Stephenson - Product Catalogue Manager at Daisy Group

I would recommend Carl Bagshaw and ECS for his hard working, diligent attitude and commitment to promoting Resource as a Service. He is approachable and easy to work with and always looking at ways ECS can help with our requirements. I would recommend Carl Bagshaw for his hard working, diligent attitude and commitment to promoting Resource as a Service. He is approachable and easy to work with and always looking at ways ECS can help with our requirements.

Tim Parker - Sales Specialist at Fujitsu

Having worked with Carl and the team at ECS for the past 6 years, I would have no hesitation in recommending the Resource services they offer. ECS have fulfilled niche and hard to find IT resource where other suppliers have failed. They take time to truly understand our client’s needs and ensure the appropriate resource is found and then managed whilst on our customers sites through their contractor management programme to ensure we mitigate any risk.

Wendy Broughton - Sales Manager at Jigsaw24

ECS have supported and mentored my team with the new
Resource as a Service offering. We have worked in partnership
to help identify client requirements, competitor analysis and
identify key stakeholders utilising their Client discovery process
to ensure our sales team have the knowledge and data to have
the relevant dialogue regarding IT resource. To date we have seen
success across some key accounts with new revenue generated.
The service ECS offer is unique and shows a true partnership.

Greg Bailey – ITS Alliance & Strategic Partner Director at Ricoh

The relationship between Ricoh and ECS in the last 12 months
has really blossomed and we at Ricoh have seen what a valued
and strategic relationship can look like with a resourcing partner
who really knows their stuff, took time to know us and now work
side-by-side with our SME and sales teams. We are seeing
significant growth in business because of it, so long may it last.

Andrew Locke - Major Account Manager at Daisy Group

I met with Jon Bennet yesterday at the AA and he asked me
to pass on his thanks for finding Dan. He said that Dan has
been absolutely amazing and is a real asset to their IT team.

Peter Keisner - Account Director at Daisy Group

I am pleased to confirm that Lloyds Market Association have placed
their order for a Service Desk Engineer for a 34-day period. I would
like to thank you for the way in which you completed the proposal
and ensured that the whole process worked like clockwork.

Rebecca Walters - Installation Controller at Southern Computer Services

Shannon has been great throughout the whole recruitment and employment process, and even though I’m settled now she checks in regularly and keeps me updated on anything I need to know to stay in the loop - thanks Shannon

Frank Bale - IT Support Engineer at Nebula Global Services

Shannon has been extremely helpful and supportive. I will be giving her 10 out 10