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Learn How to Master the Art of Following-up During the Job Hunt

5th December 2023

The job search can be a waiting game, but a timely follow-up can make all the difference. Here's how to do it right:

It's all about timing: Aim to follow up about a week after submitting your application, or a few days after an interview.

Craft a thoughtful message: Reinforce your interest in the position, highlight a memorable part of your conversation (if you've had an interview), and express gratitude for the opportunity.

Use the right channel: If you initially communicated via email, stick to it. However, if the employer reached out on LinkedIn, it's appropriate to follow up there.

Avoid over-communication: It's okay to follow up, but avoid reaching out multiple times in quick succession. It can come off as pushy.

Seek feedback: If you learn you weren't selected, graciously ask for feedback. It's a chance to grow and understand areas of improvement.

Remember, persistence shows enthusiasm, but patience shows understanding. Strike the right balance in your follow-up efforts!