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Supporting a Sales Team to Increase Opportunity

31st October 2023

The challenge ➡️ The solution ➡️ The result

A partner approached us to help support a motivated, yet inexperienced sales department selling resource.

There was a knowledge gap in their ability to spot opportunities to sell resource. They asked us to create a campaign that would help the team feel more reassured in their own ability.


We invested time into directly training the whole department. The training consisted of weekly calls to six client Account Managers. Each week, they would discuss their current customers, working with a member of the ECS team in order to prioritise 2-3 of these contacts.

Account Managers were then supported whilst they carried out the relevant background checks. This identified key stakeholders, previous projects completed by the customer and the supplies they usually needed.

Our ECS mentors would then build a comprehensive report that identified how that individual could contact the customer to offer resource that they would benefit from. This report ensured that there was a guide to help them prepare for future pitches.

At the end of the process, Account Managers felt far more motivated and confident about their knowledge and ability. They were now able to offer Resource-as-a-Service, increasing their value to customers.