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We Recently Helped a Company Recover From a Cyberattack

29th August 2023

We recently helped a company recover from a cyberattack.

The attack locked down all internal systems and prevented the company's in-house IT department from accessing them. This had a disastrous impact on the business, as it could not complete its usual work and its revenue and efficiency were severely affected.

We were able to quickly dispatch 21 engineers to help the company. These engineers were all part of ECS's Accredited© program, which means that they have been vetted and are highly qualified.

The company was so impressed with the credentials and professionalism of our engineers that they were dispatched to the company's European offices to help with the recovery effort. Notably, only ECS contractors were sent abroad.

Our quick and efficient response to the cyberattack helped the company get back on its feet quickly. As a result, we have become a regular resource supplier for the company.

If you are concerned about your company's cyber security, contact us today to learn more about our cyber recovery services.

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