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Infrastructure Innovations

Rentokil Initial have many strategic technical partners, notably Google and VMWare. Infra Press timeline one side, links/projects other side.

Rentokil Initial Underpins Growth with Agile Network

Pest control and hygiene company Rentokil Initial needed a network which could provide agility, scalability, resilience and cost-e ectiveness to be rolled out across multiple markets of varying maturity. By deploying VMware NSX® SD-WAN by VeloCloud™, it secured a company-wide network which resulted in up to 3,000% more bandwidth for up to 50% of the cost in some sites.

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Smart Approach to Data Creates Platform for Service Agility at Rentokil Initial

Rentokil Initial is in the process of digital transformation, from workers in the field to new global services. Adopting VMware vSAN™ has transformed the company’s storage position, cutting hosting space by 50 percent and creating a dynamic, global pool of data capacity. The move is part of a smarter, leaner approach to IT, geared around getting innovation to market faster.

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Rentokil Initial Launches Hybrid Security Operations Center to Support Workforce

Rentokil Initial is a leading global hygiene and pest control company with a large mobile workforce and a distributed IT estate. To enable both office staff and field employees to work securely from anywhere, the company turned to VMware to deploy VMware Workspace ONE and VMware Carbon Black Cloud in its hybrid security operations center. This enabled the company to gain greater control over its devices, reducing the threat of cyberattacks while working toward a Zero Trust security model.

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Customer Story

"Since switching to [Google Workspace], we’ve saved millions of pounds (£) on IT maintenance and several hundred thousand pounds by cutting the time spent on administrative tasks through using tools such as Google Docs, Sites and Forms."

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Safer food and pharmaceuticals using IoT

Google Cloud Platform results

  • Doubles number of customers in a three-month period
  • Adds two countries to the service area
  • Improves customer service due to data analytics

When your job is to protect the food we eat and the drugs we take from contamination, bolster local businesses' reputations for hygiene standards, or help reduce the spread of germs among office workers, then ensuring you have the best tools to do the job is a top priority. That's why Rentokil Initial has developed its Connected services.

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How Rentokil drives business innovation with Google Cloud VMware engine

Rentokil is using VMware technology to support a safe and secure move to the cloud that’s helping to boost staff productivity and business agility.

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Watch our 'Rentokil Initial's GCVE Journey @ Google Cloud Zurich' video here

VMware brings XDR capabilities to Carbon Black in a push for lateral security

The cloud giant aims to provide customers with the means to identify and rectify weaknesses across their environments

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Squad Building for Innovative Product Development

The Challenge

A banking end client were looking to develop a new web application which could decrease the involvement of the operations team on engineering tasks, however at the early stage it was merely a vision. As this had never been done before, the team at the time didn’t have the expertise to go and turn this initial vision into a reality.

The Solution

Using are industry expertise, we were able to work alongside our solution partner to build a squad which was tasked with creating a greenfield web application which allows SMEs to design new services for the infrastructure engineering department, which can then be automatically created and deployed within the bank.

The Key Tech Technologies for this solution were - Microservices, Jenkins, Golang, GCP, Angular, Kubernetes and Docker

The Squad included - DevOps Engineer, Front-end Developer, Back-end Developer, Automation Test Engineer, Solution Architect and Product Owner. This squad is still supported by SME/Consultants when needed.


Long term booking leading to £X million in revenue for our solution partner, but also a compelling case study and eyes on the ground to help them grow their footprint within the bank.